The Legendary "Siberia"

The Legendary "Siberia"

Yacht "Siberia" is the legend of Russian sailing. For the first time in the history of navigation sailing ship built by amateurs traveled around the world across the Arctic ocean.

"Siberia" was first launched in 1997, 10 years after the beginning of the creation. The design and construction were held by the members of expeditions, sailors from the Siberian sailing Association "Faros".

Over the last 18 years the yacht has held many unique and extreme expeditions to the most remote places of our country and abroad. The vessel became most famous after the round the world trip in 2000. Then the yacht covered 24 time zones in 15 months, passing through the Northern sea route without wintering and icebreaking. By the decree of the President of Russia members of the expedition were awarded the medal "For merits before Fatherland" II degree.

All in all, up to his day "Siberia" has made more than 90 thousand nautical miles and passed through the territorial waters of 44 States. It's a real record for a vessel built by Amateurs.

On August 1 the boat headed for one of the most remote and inaccessible settlements of Russia and the world – Dikson. The northernmost in the world sailing race will be held there in September, in honor of Dikson’s centenary. It will be attended by participants from all over Russia.
We wish the participants a fair wind!

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