Asymmetric icebreaker “Baltika”

Asymmetric icebreaker “Baltika”

Diesel-electric icebreaker "Baltika" of the project R-70202 can be called a unique vessel.

The Russian flag over the "Baltika" was raised in February 2015. At the moment the ship had already been tested in ice conditions in the Gulf of Ob. What is the uniqueness of "Baltika" and what is an "asymmetric icebreaker"?
One of the sides of the vessel is straight, the other has a convex shape. Such design of the hull ensures excellent steering efficiency in any situation and in any direction, it has already been confirmed by the tests. Thanks to the constructive features of the hull the ship has the ability to skew the course, and, moving diagonally, the vessel may be laid in the ice channel width up to 50 m.

"Baltika" was laid on the slipway of the Kaliningrad factory "Yantar" in 2012. Project P-70202 was designed for rescue operations, firefighting, environmental monitoring, and oil spill response. The idea of the oblique icebreaker was developed in the late 1990s by a Finnish company “Aker Arctic Technology".

Characteristics of the vessel:
The length of the vessel is 76.4 m
Width – 20.5 m
Speed of 14 kN.
Main power plant (power plant) – diesel from three diesel generators
The total capacity of the power plant of 7.5 MW.