University on the waves of the Arctic seas

University on the waves of the Arctic seas

"An hour of work will teach more than a day explaining" - said the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Many people will agree with this idea, especially students who often lack practical experience in the studying process. To solve this problem Russian students, future Arctic research experts, are sent to learn and, at the same time, to conquer the northern waters on the board the "Arctic Floating University."

This innovative educational project was launched on the basis of the Northern Arctic Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov (NAFU) in 2012. The study of the mysterious and unique Arctic region with its fragile ecosystem and difficult natural environment requires special skills and knowledge. Each year, young scientists and students are sent to the Arctic on the research ship "Professor Molchanov" to conduct research and get practical experience that is necessary for successful work in northern seas in future. Each expedition of the Floating University consists of two main parts: educational and research programs. Students listen to lectures and consolidate knowledge conducting real research in the Arctic.

Since 2012 the Floating University has made 6 cruises. Each of them was a separate adventure. On board of the "Akademik Molchanov" students have crossed the Barents and White seas and visited the Svalbard archipelago, Franz Josef Land, and other islands. What is most important they have conducted a series of studies and brought valuable knowledge necessary for further study of the Arctic.

This year the first international cruise of the Arctic Floating University with the participation of Russian and foreign students and researchers will take place. Start of the expedition starts on July 1 under the slogan "Discovering the Russian Arctic." We wish the students good luck and exciting learning!