Barneo is a complex high-latitude Arctic expedition, organized annually Expeditionary Center of the Russian Geographical Society. Also called drifting ice camp in the vicinity of the North Pole.

The expedition was conducted in 2000. Each season lasts 1-1.5 months Barneo - when the polar day has begun, but the temperature is not so high to begin to melt the ice.

Floe to organize the camp chosen very carefully: it must be large enough range between 88.5 and 89.5 degrees north latitude and in the range of 90-140 degrees east longitude.

Members of the expedition first arrive at Svalbard. From there on the plane An-74 they are sent to the side of the Pole. The camp is equipped with a platform for landing aircraft An-24, there are also constantly on duty 2 helicopters Mi-8.

Guests of Barneo are tourists from different countries, who often come for a short while. They offer a variety of extreme entertainment: ice diving, skydiving, skiing, snowmobiling. Also, for all the guests held a unique high-latitude Barneo Marathon - participants run the classic distance in the ice and snow.
A separate item on the program - helicopter excursion to the North Pole. Barneo annually over the last month takes up to 250 tourists.

However, the basic structure - is, of course, scientists. Since 2006, experts from the Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences and the AARI carried out at the station complex scientific research.