Scientists figured out the secret of "Victory"

Scientists figured out the secret of "Victory"

The Kara sea oil province will surpass the richest regions of petroleum production in quantity of resources.
It hides more raw material than the Gulf of Mexico, Brazilian shelf, Arctic shelf of Alaska and Canada. Its reserves contain as much oil as the entire resource of Saudi Arabia.

Until now we couldn’t even guess, how profitable the development of Arctic fields would be. But finally, specialists from Scientific Research and Design of oil and gas Institute in Tomsk («TomskNIPIneft») received first results of analysis of oil, taken from the "Victory" well in the Kara Sea.
It turned out that not only the well’s name promises the rise of the Russian economy.

"As it was expected, the oil proved to be the high quality primary product. There’s low content of sulfur and other impurities. It’s so-called light oil, which will be easier to process. It means, that we will get more mineral oils, compared to the so-called heavy oil,"
- Igor Yushkov, Senior Analyst of National Energy Security Fund, explains.

The quality of raw materials from the "Victory" well is higher than quality of «Brent» crude oil and "White Tiger" from Vietnam.
And it contains about 120 million tons of oil and over 390 billion cubic meters of gas.

These data allow us to think that discovery of new deposits will affect the economy of the entire region. New logistic complexes will be built in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, and it will cause occurrence of new jobs.

"Drilling in Arctic depth is as technologically difficult as launching a spaceship to the Moon. This complex // ... // will become an engine and a magnet for technologies, because the technologies of fields exploitation and extraction in the Kara Sea throughout the year are not invented yet"
- Igor Yushkov, Senior Analyst of National Energy Security Fund, said.

Russian scientists and engineers have to develop new technology,  which can make the Arctic oil available throughout the year.
The task is ambitious, but it must be solved – the Northern fields are going to become the basis of oil production in 10 years.

"This is an important stimulating, motivational thing to develop our technologies: seismic research and drilling science"
- Bulat Nigmatulin, The Institute of Natural Monopolies Research CEO’s First Deputy, claims.

Researching of new Arctic fields is an important step towards the development of Russia. Developing of the North will cause inventing of new technologies, strengthening of the science, education and learning of highly qualified specialists. This foundation will help not only to reform the extractive industry and bring it to the new level, but also to strengthen the economy and make our country the undisputed leader on the world’s stage.