North Pole-41

North Pole-41

41st drifting polar station currently unfolding in the North Pole. Suitable for station "North Pole-41" floe was chosen with the help of satellite surveillance of the movement of the ice.

"The crew of the Il-76MD military transport aircraft the Air Force flew from the airfield" Murmashi "in the Murmansk region to the North Pole to deliver the first batch of goods to the formed polar station" North Pole - 2015 ", - said the representative of the press service and information to the Ministry of Defense Air Force Igor Klimov.

On an ice floe delivered 50 tons of equipment, fuel, generator and even a tractor. At the same time work on the station will be able to 15 polar explorers. Resumption of drifting polar expeditions is of immense scientific and geopolitical significance, - stressed the representative of the Russian President on the Arctic Artur Chilingarov.

Research objectives of the expedition - the study of ice conditions, temperature and navigation options, measurements in the field of Marine Biology, hydrophysics, oceanography. The volume of the alleged studies is large enough - this is due to the fact that the previous expedition, "SP-40", was completed ahead of schedule because of the destruction of ice floes and did not have time to bring the investigation to the end. In 2013, explorers evacuated specially arrived from Murmansk icebreaker "Yamal".

In addition to purely scientific problems, unfolding station "North Pole-41" is intended to ensure Russia's priority in research on drifting ice and strengthen the presence of our country in the Arctic. In this case, the Ministry of the Russian Federation emphasize nature - at the North Pole is only possible scientific activity.
Predictions about the duration of the drifting station while experts do not. Usually work stations such as "North Pole" is seasonal and lasts 2-3 years, while the floe on which the village is divided explorers, will come in Greenland Bay.