For over 50 years at the Krasnoyarsk Krai exists a unique Museum of permafrost, which has no analogues either in Russia or abroad.

Unusual Museum was created in Igarka town on the basis of scientific cryogenic laboratory, which was opened in 1930. The underground laboratory was created to study the long-term frozen ground, many various scientific experiments were held there. Dungeons have also been used as a biological Museum: various specimens of flora and fauna were "frozen" there to ensure their preservation for future generations. In 1950, scientists have even put in an ice capsule with Newspapers. It is planned to release documents from the ice prison and find out the results of an unusual experiment only in 2045.

The Museum foundation date is considered  to be March 19, 1965, when the first visitors were able to see the exhibition dedicated to the permafrost and the history of its study. Since then, the Museum of permafrost is visited not only by experts and scientists, but also by many tourists. Depth of underground halls and corridors of the complex reaches 14 meters and the temperature is always kept at -5-6 degrees. In the Museum you can see samples of plants frozen in ice plate and even a peep from the icy ground, the remains of ancient trees, whose age reaches 36 000 years.

In addition to the exhibition of nature several exhibitions about the history of the laboratory and the construction of the railway Salekhard-Igarka constantly operate in the Museum

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