Polar Wolf

Polar Wolf

Polar wolf  is subspecies of wolf, living throughout the Arctic and in the tundra. The only exceptions are the territory, completely covered with ice.

Polar wolf is a example of how animals adapt to the uncharacteristic common ancestor natural conditions. Polar wolves for months without seeing sunlight, weeks can go without food, live for years at low temperatures and in fact almost omnivorous.
Polar wolves live in small flocks of 7-10 individuals. In the chapter - the leader's father, the head of the hierarchy. A similar position is occupied by a female.

In the context of open spaces hunting very difficult. If you decide to attack the wolves muskox, by the time approaching flocks muskoxen have time to take a defensive perimeter, thrusting antlers through which wolves do not get through. Thus, the main tactics of polar wolves in the attack - a tire the victim, to recapture it from become. Under these conditions, only every 10th outing becomes successful. In this case, wolf can eat up to 10 pounds of meat at a time. But the main production - arctic hare and lemmings, hares and devours regiment with fur and bones.

In search of prey can get a pack of areas up to 2000 square kilometers. Each other wolves howling warn about the appearance, which is clearly audible in the plain of the Arctic regions. Therefore clashes between different packs are very rare.

Polar wolf still lives throughout the historically this type available. The reason is a poor rivalry with man. Wolves inhabit the most barren and inhospitable terrain.
The fur of a polar wolf has a very light, almost white color with a golden sheen that allows the animal to be masked in the snow.